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Where I come from  ? 

Native of Blois, in the central region, I arrive at the  capital in 1996 for my studies and I remained attracted by this beautiful woman who is Paris.

After 20 years of professional life, I have been able to explore product design, packaging, graphics, web design, Street art, interior decoration and scenography.

Who I am  ? 

In addition to being creative, I am a manager able to communicate with my creative teams and convince the client, a creative director with excellent skills in graphic and experiential concepts in addition to his creativity.

I like to follow up on innovations in communication, look for new talents, do competitive intelligence, follow up on innovations ...

But also to tell stories, to create paradoxes in order to perpetuate the emotion, to make my creations more human and give them meaning.

Or  I'm going  ?

I would like to set the course for sharing, innovation, surpassing oneself, synergy, authenticity and commitment to make my employees and clients happy, to have fun!
I want to continue to create and oversee with the heart and achieve with the mind. I also want to keep my child's soul in my creations and grow old without losing it

Looking forward to sharing with you!

See you soon !

Contact Me

+33 (0) 6 03 15 69 57

Thank you for your message, I will get back to you very quickly!

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